Time flies - When the groundwork for the new production hall began back in March 2022, the new building was only a vision. So far everything went according to plan, and after the completion of the external work in September 2022, the internal construction started quickly.

Our new hall is already equipped with a modern heating system, an overhead crane and a new rack system. Currently, the fire alarms and the final electrical work are in progress and the first injection moulding machines will be ready to move in within the next few weeks.

Modern heating system with heat pump & 10.000 litre hot water storage

With our goal to produce economically and ecologically, it was clear from the beginning, that we will use a state of the art sustainable heating system to supply the entire production hall with an area of 1,250 mΒ².
With a heat pump located inside the building, we use the waste heat from the injection moulding machines to heat up the hot water tank during production. The power for this heat pump is supplied by our photovoltaic system. The hot water is used to heat up the hall during the night when the machines are shut off. As a result, we are almost climate-neutral and achieve a high energy standard for our new building in accordance with the latest standards.

Facts and figures

Heating system with heat pump

Hot water tank 10.000 litres
Heating capacity 20KW

Narrow aisle rack system for plastic materials

In order to reliably supply our customers with MULTI-BOX products, we stock large quantities of our standard plastic resins. With our new rack system, we are able to store 252 euro pallets of resin, weighing up to 375 t in total, in an area of only 104 mΒ².

The material is now stored directly at the place where it is processed and we optimise our logistics processes. The narrow aisle rack is loaded with a special new forklift truck.

Facts and figures

Narrow aisle racking system

Load capacity 375 tons
Storage spaces (Euro pallets) 252 pcs
Area 104 mΒ²

Overhead crane for tools and materials

The new overhead crane is an essential part of our new production hall and is used to transport injection moulds and materials between the different machines. The crane is able to lift heavy loads of up to 10 t. Of course, the entire statics of the new building was designed with this crane in mind.

Facts and figures

Overhead crane

Span 24m
Length 54m
Load capacity 10 tons
Net weight 7,5 tons

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