In our new category #morethanboxes we would like to introduce special enclosures from our production. Depending on the application, these differ in shape, material or the degree of customization. However, they all have one thing in common - protecting the inside is their core function!

MBX 261690 BASIC

This week we would like to introduce the MBX 261690 BASIC. MBX stands for MULTI-BOX XTREME and 261690 for the dimension of 260x160x90 mm.

The final product is part of a clean room technology system and is used to separate aerosols and improve air quality in closed rooms.

From mechanical processing and assembly to complete wiring

The shown MBX Basic enclosure was mechanically processed first, afterwards equipped with specified components and finally wired to be ready for connection.

With our extensive machine park and a highly motivated team, we transform our standard enclosures into your individual enclosure solution.

Offering complete enclosure solution with mechanical processing, individual assembly and wiring optimises your supply chain. You reduce transport costs, production times and minimise organisational effort. In addition, you can completely eliminate possible rejects during internal processing.

More information about mechanical processing and wiring:

MBX BASIC: Lighter, stronger and absolutely tight!

Our MBX polycarbonate enclosures were specially designed for use in industrial and outdoor applications.

Used Polycarbonate is highly weatherproof and absolutely corrosion-free. Dust, water, heat, cold or mechanical shocks are no problem!


With a seamlessly foamed-in 2-component polyurethane seal, all types of the MBX range achieve protection class IP69. The enclosures can easily withstand cleaning with a high-pressure jet cleaner or short-term flooding.

Features MBX BASIC:

  • Standard colour enclosure: Grey RAL 7035
  • Material cover and base: Polycarbonate
  • Seamless foamed-in 2-component polyurethane gasket
  • Captive cover screws made of stainless steel
  • Continuous operating temperature min. -40 °C to max. +100 °C
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Impact resistance IK 08
  • All enclosures comply with protection class IP 69, 66 to DIN EN 60529
  • Flame protection: UL94 V2
  • Weatherproof and UV-stable (F1)
  • Absolutely corrosion-resistant
  • Low weight despite high stability

Available Sizes

The 10 sizes are compatible with the well-known aluminium standard enclosures and represent a cost-effective alternative.

Article No. Tye Length x Width x Height
1003100200 MBX 606030 B 58mm x 64mm x 34mm
1003100400 MBX 906030 B 98mm x 64mm x 35mm
1003100900 MBX 708055 B 75mm x 80mm x 57mm
1003101100 MBX 128055 B 125mm x 80mm x 57mm
1003101300 MBX 178055 B 175mm x 80mm x 57mm
1003101800 MBX 121280 B 122mm x 120mm x 80mm
1003101900 MBX 121290 B 122mm x 120mm x 90mm
1003102300 MBX 221290 B 220mm x 120mm x 90mm
1003102500 MBX 161690 B 160mm x 160mm x 90mm
1003102600 MBX 261690 B 260mm x160mm x 90mm

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