It is possible to check at first glance whether everything inside works properly, without opening the enclosure. This saves time and increases efficiency in the work process, during maintenance or repairs.


Design and function of the devices are improved. Built-in displays, LEDs or other components become visible from the outside. Additionally they remain fully protected against dust, water and manual access.

Hidden bonding by step milling of enclosure cover & inspection window

When milling the mounting contour in the enclosure cover, a step milling is applied. This allows a concealed bonding from the inside. On the other side the inspection window is also designed as a step, which means that the window is flush with the outside of the cover.

Our new gluing robot Β - VR3500

Efficient & Precise! The use of this new robot enables automated, fast and precise bonding of inspection windows. The advantage of the automated process is that consistent quality can be assured because the dispensed quantity of glue is reproducible and reliable.


Our robot works with a special type of glue which ensures a reliable and permanent connection. In addition, complex shapes and different enclosure sizes can be processed without any problems.

Facts and Figures

VIEWEG Tabletop VR3500

Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 678 x 807 x 731
Program memory 999 programs
Number of axes 3
Load capacity 7kg
Speed (Vmax) 900 mm/sec
Why do we use Polycarbonate material?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material with such high optical clarity that it is even used for eyeglass lenses. At the same time, the material is so resistant to mechanical influences that it is also used for bulletproof windows.

The material can withstand large temperature deviations and severe weather conditions. Therefore, polycarbonate inspection windows are perfect for environments in which our enclosures are used. Typical industrial applications are machines, vehicles and plant construction.

Additionally polycarbonate is comparatively light and thus do not increase the overall weight of the enclosure. Furthermore it can be produced in various thicknesses depending on the requirements.

We are happy to inform you personally about further details of this process and answer your questions.

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