More than Boxes

In our new category #morethanboxes we would like to introduce you to special enclosures from our production. Depending on the application, these differ in shape, material or the degree of customization. However, they all have one thing in common - protecting the inside is their core function!


This week we would like to introduce the MBA 403118. MBA stands for MULTI-BOX Aluminium and 403118 for the dimension of 400x310x180 mm.


  • As shown on the pictures, the enclosure has been mechanically processed and equipped with brass cable glands for various cable cross-sections.
  • An external earthing connector and an internal earthing bar were also provided to integrate the enclosure into the earthing system.
  • A customized terminal block and an additional mounting rail to carry further components were installed.


  • All enclosures fulfil protection class IP 66 in accordance with DIN EN 60529
  • Standard sealing PUR-foamed
  • Temperature resistance: -40 Β°C to +100 Β°C
  • Cover screws with captive function made of stainless steel V2A
  • Wall mounting can be done through separate screw channels outside the sealing area
  • Special seals (e.g. made of silicone) are available on request
  • Temperature resistance with silicone gasket: -50 Β°C to +140 Β°C
  • The standard enclosure colour is silver grey, similar to RAL 7001
  • Special colours are available on request


MBA-Enclosures are universal, sturdy and easily adapt to the installation of electrical, electronic and pneumatic components. Manufacturing takes place using pressure die casting or gravity casting methods. MBA-Enclosures can be mechanically processed in a number of ways providing almost no limits to customized surface design. As terminal enclosures they can be assembled according to a modular system with the addition of terminals and cable glands. In the measurement and control technology they are often used for encapsulating sensors. Additionally they serve as junction boxes for cables or take on the job of protecting highly sensitive electronics against water, dirt and dust.


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