After the completion of our new production hall for injection moulding in March 2023, we seamlessly started the complete demolition and construction of a new administration building.

Turn old into NEW

In April this year, the old administration building was torn down to create space for something new. With an original floor space of about 700 square meters and a proud age of 40 years, it has become outdated.

Doubling the floorspace:

With approx. 1400 m², we are doubling the area of the original building and creating space for new colleagues. The building offers space for approx. 25 workplaces, including modern meeting and social rooms

Modern working environment:

We are convinced that a pleasant working environment increases productivity and promotes cooperation. With the new building, we want to offer our employees an inviting environment that meets all the technical conditions for efficient teamwork.

High energetic standard:

Our new administration building will be built according to the KfW40 standard. Thus, we reduce our ecological footprint and are proud to make a small contribution to environmental protection and minimize our energy consumption.


We are excited about the completion of our new office in summer 2024. With this investment, we are not only making a clear statement about our continued growth, but also about our commitment to sustainability and innovation. We will continue to keep you updated and look forward to welcoming you to our new premises soon.

Thank you very much for your continued support and trust in our company, together we are shaping a promising future!

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